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Reflect, Release, Connect


Our Philosophy


We are a group of mental health and adjacent practitioners working together to hold space for community members.  We believe that everyone deserves a space to connect with themselves in order to explore the preciousness of the here-and-now. In finding space to connect with others and ourselves we embolden the process of creating room for all the experiences we have as human beings.  As Pema Chodron writes, "This very moment is the perfect teacher, and, lucky for us, it's with us wherever we are." We welcome you to explore these moments with us with grace, humility, and compassion. 

Our hope is to cultivate a space for community connections that honor authenticity in the present moment.  The intentionality is to align with other practitioners that also work towards this authenticity in their holistic therapeutic practices. 

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Kc Schuck, LMHC, ATR
Rachel Castleberry, LMHC, RDT, CST

As an art therapist and mental health counselor, I work with LGBTQIA+ teens and adults in building healthier relationships with others and themselves. Often, the themes of my work center around identifying patterns of how communication and self image show up as we attempt to connect with others in authentic ways. No matter your age, sexuality, gender identity, or gender presentation, finding authentic connection to others can positively impact your sense of self and belonging in the world. 


I work from several therapeutic approaches, specifically person-centered, trauma informed, and systems based. What does this mean? My work focuses on how larger and smaller systems impact how we see the world and that every person has potential to grow into their most authentic way of being with themselves and others. 

Hello! I am a drama therapist, certified sex therapist and licensed mental health counselor. I work with individuals, couples and families in finding nuanced responses to life's uncertainties. Whether the uncertainty is a life transition, interpersonal conflict within a relationship or remnants from a traumatic event, my approach is to foster a collaborative therapeutic relationship in which we can identify, untangle and transform thinking and behavioral patterns that no longer serve you. In doing so we deeply acknowledge how difficult life can be, how sincere our efforts are to change, and not to be afraid of or ashamed of our failings, for they have little to do with our value as human beings.

Over the past 12 years, in a variety of settings, I have worked with individuals to deepen self-awareness and self-acceptance in an effort to navigate encounters with life's uncertainties with greater creativity and spontaneity. To have a life worth living that is focused on the nuanced potential of the present moment.

My therapeutic approach combines dialectical behavioral therapy, trauma informed psychotherapy, family systems therapy, and the drama therapy method called Developmental Transformations. The goal being to provide comprehensive, competent, and ethical treatment to one's holistic well-being that validates the impact of race/ethnicity, class, dis/ability, sexuality, and spirituality on one's experience.

Jessica Liggero, HHP & SIBO Practitioner 

Hi, I am Jessica. My Holistic Health Coaching Practice was designed to help people gain self awareness and control of their health by creating a well rounded routine that focuses on improving digestion and gut health which is inextricably linked to your overall wellness. 

I work with people who are dealing with bloating and digestive issues. In many cases, people have been misdiagnosed with IBS or they have been dismissed by conventional medicine. I specialize in SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) which is a functional GI condition that can cause bloating, food sensitivities /intolerances, fatigue, skin issues, depression/anxiety, weight gain or loss, nausea, gas and/or poor digestion. 

My treatment protocols focus on bio-individuality and I only use herbal supplements.

I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and a SIBO Practitioner. I have completed my SIBO Practitioner trainings with Dr. Nirala Jacobi and Dr. Allison Siebecker. I love helping people heal!



Saxonville Mills

Framingham, MA

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