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Dramatic Play Therapy: Developmental Transformations (DvT)

Developmental Transformations (DvT) is an embodied, improvisational drama therapy method
that focuses on the creation of mutual play within an interpersonal encounter. It may be
practiced between two individuals, a group, a family, or a larger community. DvT privileges
improvisational and embodied interaction over role repertoire or story. The process focuses on
an individual’s ability to use themselves and their capacity to communicate in subtle ways,
through their own bodily movement, speech, sounds, gaze, and personality. Through playful
encounters DvT supports an individual in deconstructing personal narratives and cognitive
schemas that may be outdated and ineffective to support emerging nuances within the
narrative that can lead to transformation and greater attention to the here-and-now.

In the context of psychotherapy and drama therapy, DvT has been especially effective with
populations such as patients with schizophrenia, dementia, and medical illnesses; and with
traumatized children and adults. However, DvT has also been practiced with healthy people for
personal growth.

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